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THE CASH BOX, in its original title, was founded in 1942 by Bill Gersh whom had no knowledge of music. President, George Albert published the magazine as a printed trade publication of the vending/coin machine industry.

As the publication evolved into a music trade magazine, the named evolved as well, becoming CASHBOX.

THE CASH BOX / CASHBOX historians and archivists have invested many years into the research, recovery, and collection of the historical publication dating back to its origin and early beginnings. To view historical vintage archives dating from 1942 to 1996, please click here. (Link will open in a new window.)

CASHBOX ceased publication in late 1996. By 2006, Bruce Elrod revived the magazine as an online only publication. In late 2018, CASHBOX returned somewhat to its roots when Randall Wilds / Wilds & Associates began publishing the printed edition,

To view Randy Price's collection of vintage music charts and more Cashbox archives, please click here. (Link will open in a new window.)

To view our modern archives and enjoy back issues from 2018 to current, please select from the links below.

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